The European Language Label is an award for innovative language-learning projects. It rewards creative ways to improve the quality of language teaching, motivate learners and make the best of available resources.

European Language Label



TINY SIGNERS is a 2-year European project, runing from 2010 to 2012. It’s co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme and involves 7 organisations from 4 European countries.

Tiny Signers project is unique beacuse it is focused on the children under the age of two years old.



Signing builds on a baby’s natural ability to use gestures. Babies are able to show signs many months before they are able to speak. The main reason for TINY SIGNERS project is to create  possibilities for the communication for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children in the very early stages of their life and to overcome the gap  which exists in this field in the majority of European countries.



The overall objective of the project is to implement an innovative approach with  hearing and deaf babies through the development and use of baby sign language and thus improve the quality of early communication and language learning in the participating countries of Slovenia, Austria and Lithuania and to further develop the community of the signing babies in the United Kingdom.

The baby sign language courses will be developed on the bases of national sign languages in close cooperation with deaf communities, child care and special needs professionals, curriculum authorities, kindergartens and schools.



  • teachers and other child care professionals involved in pre-school education in three  countries and also a larger number of child care professionals
  • parents of deaf, hard of hearing  as well as hearing babies who are interested in early  communication with their babies and toddlers  through participation of  baby sign language initiative
  • deaf, hard of hearing and hearing babies who are going to be able to express their needs, desires and emotions with their parents as well as other carers from a  very early stage.



  1. to increase the social prestige and the attractiveness of  sign  language
  2. to create an enviroment with much less frustrations and obstacles for hearing and deaf babies
  3. to increase the awareness and communication with deaf people
  4. to leave a positive and long lasting impact in the EU context


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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