Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (CPI) is a public institution which was founded in 1995 by the Government and co-founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia.

In accordance with the legal basis passed by the Organization and Financing of Education Act (Official Gazette No. 12/96) CPI is the central development and advisory institution for VET in Slovenia.

The basic tasks of the institute include:

  • Creation of professional basis and methodology platforms for development VET in Slovenia.
  • Institute studies developmental trends in labour markets and prepares profiles of occupations and competence-based occupational standards which forms a basis for the preparation of VET curricula.
  • Institute develops methodologies for module structured and competence based VET curricula for upper secondary vocational education and training.
  • Other basic activities include monitoring and evaluation of curricula, final exams and didactical approaches. One of the permanent activities is training of teachers, mentors and school management as well as providing all support they need in the process of new curricula implementation.
  • Institute is also a national reference point for: vocational qualifications, quality assurance and national qualification framework.
  • International cooperation offers immense possibilities in the field of VET in order to provide the transfer of knowledge, examples of good practices and open up the path for new innovative solutions.
  • Institute cooperates with other EU institutions and in different networks (ReferNet, TTnet, SEEVET Net) working groups and international projects.


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