Respublican Rehabilitation Center of the Deaf

Organization is an active implementing body of the Lithuanian Association of the Deaf. That unites over 4000 members. The organization is acting on the National level of Lithuania presenting needs and equal rights of deaf people in different fields of life (education, culture, social issues and etc.). Organization today has over 30 employees (professional sign language interpreters, layer, social workers, project managers, employment coachers and others) that promote local, national ani international projects in the filed of deaf people integration.

Lithuanian Association of the Deaf has over 70 history of activities. Together with social partners, public bodies it implement the rights of deaf people on legal basis (legislation), public basis (social activities for communities), educational basis (promoting sign language legislation and usage at schools and other public places) end etc.

Svetlana - Project coordinator

Grazina - Sign language teacher

Asta - Baby sign trainer

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